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Dr. Gadang Ramantoko

ICT Based Management (IBM) Group

Position: Lecturer

Research Area: 

Office: Marore Building, Floor 1

Email: [email protected]


Dr. Gadang Ramantoko is a lecturer and researcher of Tel-U since 2005. Born in Cimahi, September 9, 1954, his competence is in the field of Telecommunications Convergence.

After completing his S1 Physic Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in 1979, Gadang continued his studies to the University of Franche-Comte, France, in the field of Optoelectronic (1989). In 1992, he succeeded in achieving a doctoral degree in optical communications from the same university, with the mention “tres honorable”.

In educational environments, once he had appointed as the head of the IM Telkom undergraduate program (2007 – 2009), Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (IM Telkom), Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business (Tel-U), and since 2014 he has assigned as Coordinator of Management Transformation of Tel-U.

The man with full experiences in education, Gadang often wrote papers in scientific journals published both domestically and abroad. He also acts as a speaker on various occasions as well as being a reviewer for scientific journals.

Teaching Subject

  • Big Data and Analytical Data
  • Research Method and Seminar
  • Knowledge Management & Learning Organization
1992Doctor in Optical Communication
University of Franche-Comte, France
1989Master in Optoelectronics
University of Franche-Comte, France
1979Bachelor in Physic Engineering
Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia
2019Sustainability Business Model for UMKM tahun 2.
2019Big Data Predictive Analytics for Customers Impulsive Buying Behavior using Machine Learning Technique MM/FEB/TEL-U – UTP
2018Penelitian WiCo menggunakan data analitik
2018Sustainability Business Model for UMKM tahun 1
2015-2016Nara Sumber untuk KPPU dalam bisnis digital
2017Nara Sumber untuk WanTIKNas dalam eGov
2018Partner KEMENPAN dalam evaluasi eGov nasional
2019Partner WANTIKNAS dalam penelitian Broadband Impact
2018On The Measurement Of Digital Capability Maturity: Case Of Small-Medium “Kampong-Digital” Companies In BandungPertanika J. Soc. Sci. & Hum. 26 (T): 215 – 230 (2018)
2018Investigating The Role of Gender and Education in DeLone and McLean’s Model: Case of PPDB Bandung CitySubmitted Paper, Mei 2018. International Conference on ICT for Transformation (IC-ICT4T2018), Bandung, INDONESIA, 31 Oct – 2 Nov 2018
2018Pengembangan Digital Maturity Model untuk Usaha Kecil: Studi Kasus pada Jenis Usaha Fashion, Makanan dan CraftPaper to be submitted
2018Predicting Small-Medium-Enterprise Digital Success Using Polytomous Analysis: A Pilot StudyPiceeba2, Padang, November 2018
2018Analysis Impact of Network Incident on Complaints of Consumer Services in PT. TelkomselSubmitted for FSSER Malaysia International Conference, 2019
2018Pilot Static Modeling of Social Business: Case of Kampong Jelekong in BandungSubmitted for 9th IEOM International Bangkok Conference 2019
2017National Digital DNA, Forum DiskusiMM-FEB-Telkom University dan WANTIKNAS
2017eGov Beyond 2020WANTIKNAS – Telkom University
2018Model for Negative Broadband Impact StudyWANTIKNAS – Telkom University