Information of services is provided to support international students during their study in Indonesia. Living and studying in a different country has its own unique challenges. We have a network of professional services and advisers in place to ensure that your studies are as productive and stress-free as possible.


The international office Telkom educational institution is the first point of contact for enrolment, tuition fees, accommodation and registration for the graduation ceremonies. Trained staff is daily on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Health and support

It is important for international students to carry medical insurance from their home country in case of illness and injury during their stay in Indonesia.

However, to support student´s necessity, the university provides on-campus medical services in the Student Health Centre. Students with minor health-related problem may come for this service. It also provides consultation service during scheduled hours. Since the medical facility is equipped to provide only first aid, major health problems are treated at the nearby hospitals. To obtain free medication, students need to register and show the student ID card or a reference letter from the international office.

Immigration and visas

Any international students wishing to study in Indonesia must obtain a Student Visa and a study Permit from the Ministry of National Education. The International Office will assist international students in handling the immigration formalities.

Language Skills

For language services, students and staff of Telkom educational institution can go to the language center. The language center is also available for public planning to obtain language courses and several other language service. The services include Indonesian Language courses for Internationalers (BIPA/Indonesian Language Program) and French Courses.


Thousands of Telkom educational institution students from various places came to live here. The dormitory is intended for first year students in order to help them to adapt to the environment quickly.

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