11 Dec 2019

Book Review Event

On Saturday, December 7th 2019 Book Review “Inilah Cara Mengukur Kesiapan Suatu Kota Pintar” was held in the Auditorium 3rd floor, School of Economics & Business, North Campus Telkom University. The event was begin at 09.00 till 12.00. The speaker is Indrawati, Ph.D., Dr. Husni Amani and Smart City Research Group. The event was attended by 90 people from various community. Ganjar Setya Pribadi ( Head of Evaluation of Technology Information and Communication Section) said that “smart city is a concept of a measurable city so that everything can be measured with the help of the use of technology, both as supporting, driving, and transforming so that everything becomes easier and more automated. Bandung smart city is HR, data and culture.” Hopefully this event can be useful for everyone.