17 Feb 2016

Workshop APMMI 2015

“Online and Blended Learning Model for MBA / MM”


Indonesian business associations Master of Management (APMMI) is a container for the program manager Master of Management (MM) in Indonesia. This container is formed in order to develop and maintain cooperation among various programs MM in Indonesia. One annual event APMMI is organizing seminars, conventions, workshops and similar activities related to improving the quality of education provision MM. 2015 Master of Management Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Telkom (MM FEB Tel-U) won the trust to organize seminars and workshops (semi-loka).

This event was held on 2-4 June 2015 which was attended by members and non-members APMMI APMMI from various universities throughout Indonesia. Driven by advances in Internet technology and communications technologies (ICTs) are very fast and the global challenges faced by the program MBA / MM, online learning platform and “blended learning” an efficient and effective and has a great potential in improving the quality of graduate education management and businesses in Indonesia.

But unfortunately that so far the use of ICTs in teaching in graduate programs and business management have not been evenly distributed and not optimal. But plaform learning using ICTs now starting to grow and grow very fast. Many factors lead to low and not optimal use of ICTs in learning. In the seminar-workshop (workshop) is discussed APMMI appropriate strategies and models in utilizing cutting-edge technologies in pedagogy and encourage innovation in teaching.

This workshop is very relevant for the managers of the business school (MBA / MM) and faculty who are interested in using cutting-edge technology-based learning ICTs in order to improve the quality of learning and expand access to MBA programs / MM and non-executive education programs offered by the program title Study MBA / MM respectively.

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