08 Oct 2020

ABEST21 Online Peer Review Visit 2020

ABEST21 is an international accrediting board which was founded in 2005 to develop a system that enhances the quality of management education at the business schools. On Monday (5/10) and Tuesday (6/10) Master of Management Telkom University has carried out abest21 online peer review visits 2021 well.

MM Tel-U also received some feedback, namely: 1) having a clear vision and mission that is reflected in management and research activities, 2) being unique in the curriculum for using digital technology in business, which makes MM Tel-U different from other MMs, and in accordance with current industry needs, 3) Curriculum relevant to industry needs, 4) having a variety of class choices, 5) infrastructure that is supported by very good infrastructure, 6) MM Tel-U has clear directions and programs in accordance with Telkom University directions which places high standard goals as an international entrepreneurial university.