08 Aug 2019

Workshop of Design Thinking for MM Lecturer and KK SEE

On Thursday, 8th of August 2019 a Design Thinking workshop was held at Cacuk Sudarija Corporate University Telkom (Telkom Corpu) building. The workshop is specifically for MM Lecturers and KK SEE. Exactly at 08.00 the registration has begun and the opening of the workshop from Tel-U was delivered by Ir. Dodie Tricahyono, MM., Ph. D, which was followed by the opening of Arif Rudiantara from Amoeba Telkom Corpu

The workshop was divided into several groups and the program was about Telkom Design Sprint Overview and Introduction, Set Challenge, Map Existing Process, User Interview, HMW and Clusterize, Crazy 8, Pitching the Crazy Idea, Prototyping, Team Presentation. According to Prof. Indrawati “Solve the right problem not find the right solution” The basic design thinking is solving the right problem and the basic thinking design is from struggle, not need”.

The method of thinking design requires several important stages, one of which is prototyping, where participants or each group create new ideas or innovations to solve problems that need to be implemented in the application or can be said to be a trial product.

The workshop was finished until 17.00 and ended with the Evaluation, Feedback, Q and A. sessions. Hopefully the workshop on design thinking methods could be applied to various fields and fields of science, especially provision for MM lecturers to Telkom University Students. For example in science, can improve the performance of business, increase the efficiency of production, encourage innovation in a system or tool that can solve many problems.