NIDN : 0409095403
Nama : Gadang Ramantoko
Pend. Terakhir : S3 Teknik Telekomunikasi
JFA : Lektor
Kode Dosen : GDR
Title : Dr.
Prodi : S2 Manajemen
Fakultas : Ekonomi dan Bisnis

Dr. Gadang Ramantoko

Dr. GADANG Ramantoko is a lecturer and researcher of Tel-U since 2005. Born in Cimahi, September 9, 1954, his competence is in the field of Telecommunications Convergence.

After completing his S1 Physic Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) in 1992, Gadang continued his studies to the University of Franche-Comte, France, in the field of Optoelectronic (1989). In 1992, he succeeded to achieve doctoral degree in optical communications from the same university, with mention “tres honorable”.

In educational environments, once he had appointed as the head of the IM Telkom undergraduate program (2007 – 2009), Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs (IM Telkom), Vice Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business (Tel-U), and since 2014 he has assigned as Coordinator of Management Transformation of Tel-U.

The man with full experiences in education, Gadang often wrote papers in scientific journals published both domestically and abroad. He also acts as a speaker on various occasions as well as being a reviewer for scientific journals.

Expertise Experience

  • Chairman of Indonesia Capital Market Competency (KNPM) – (2009 – Present)
  • Reviewer for Jurnal Manajemen Indonesia (JMI), 36th Federation of ASEAN Economic Associations (FAEA) Conference & Seminar Pembangunan Jawa Barat (2013)

Speaker for:

  • 3rd International Seminar and Conference on Digital Learning (ISCLO3) (2015)
  • Snapshot of Content Business In Today ICT Industry (2010)
  • Indonesia-French Workshop on Optoelectronics for Optical Fiber Communication (1997)
  • Seminar – Conference – Discussion “Antisipasi Masyarakat & Industri Teknologi Informasi Indonesia dalam Mewujudkan Jalan Raya Lintasan Informasi Nusantara- 21”(Anticipating Communities & Information Technology Industries Indonesia in Realizing Highways Information Trajectory Nusantara-21) (1997)


  • Seminar National “Visi Industri, Iptek dan SDM dalam Pembangunan Infrastruktur Informasi Nasional” (National Seminar “Industrial Vision, Science and Human Resource in National Information Infrastructure Development) (1997)
  • “The Seminar on Optical Fibre Technology and Applications” – RRC (1993)
  • “Seminar Jaringan Serat Optik untuk Broadband ISDN”(Optical Fiber Network Seminar For ISDN Broadband) (1993)

Research Activity

  • Information Sharing in e Gov (2016)
  • Adopsi Teknologi (Adoption of Technology) (2012)
  • Struktur Industri Telekomunikasi (Telecommunication Industries Structures) (2011)


  • Dynamic Behavior of Business Model – Tel-U (2015)
  • The Journey from Porter, to Branden burger, to McGrath : (Telecommunication) Business View on Regulation – Forum Konvergen Indonesia (2015)


  • Information Sharing Model in Supporting Implementation of e-Procurement Service: Case of Bandung City – ICAST (2017)
  • Factors Affecting Purchase Intention of Consumers to Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Post Use of Previous Smartphone – ICoTiC (2016)
  • Factors Influencing E-Money Adoption – ISCLO (2016)


  • Analytics as a service: Framework to Assess Whether There Is any Winning Value Proposition – Atlantis Press, ISCLO (2015)
  • E-leadership : Leadership school of thought in philosophy of analytics – ISCLO (2015) Early Adoption Characteristic of Consumers’ Behavioral Intention to Use Home Digital Services in Indonesia – Atlantis Press, ISCLO (2015)
  • Adopting Online Course into Higher Education Curriculum (Peranginangin, Yahya; Alamsyah, Andry; Ramantoko, Gadang) – Advanced Science Letter (2014)


  • Study on the Reluctance of organization Toward IIPv6 Adoption in Indonesia using Bajnath’s Model (Gadang Ramantoko & Archenar) – Advanced Science Letter (2014)
  • Factors Contributing to Project Delay; Case Studies of wired broadband network development projects in Telkom, Indonesia (Iron Setiawan, Gadang Ramantoko) – Q Journal (2013)
  • Implementations of M-Learning in Higher Education in Indonesia (Andry Alamsyah and Gadang Ramantoko) – 3rd ICTOM (2013)
  • Studi Penelitian Nilai Kontribusi Industri Manufaktur Telekomunikasi dalam Perekonomian Indonesia dengan Menggunakan Pendekatan Industrial Value Chain (Research Study Manufacturing Industry Value Contributions Telecommunications in Indonesian Economy by Using Industrial Value Chain Approach) (Akramov Shukhrat & Gadang Ramantoko)- Jurnal  Manajemen Indonesia (2012)


  • Infrastructure Sharing in Indonesia – ITU (2013)
  • Analisis Antisipasi Perubahan Revenue Akibat Implementasi Access Gateway serta Explore bentuk Revenue baru dari Implementasi NGN (Analysis of Anticipation of Revenue Change Due to Implementation of Access Gateway and Explore the new form of Revenue from Implementation of NGN) (Gadang Ramantoko) – Telkom (2001)
  • Kerangka Konseptual Inti lejens untuk Keperluan Usaha dan Keperluan Perusahaan Menghadapi Kompetensi Risk Management dalam Join Planning Session (Conceptual Framework of Core Lejens for Business and Enterprise Needs Facing Risk Management Competencies in Join Planning Session) (Gadang Ramantoko) – Telkom (2000)