NIDN : 0429078704
Nama : Anisah Firli
Pend. Terakhir : S3 Manajemen
JFA : Asisten Ahli
Kode Dosen : NFY
Title : Dr., S.M.B., M.M
Prodi : S2 Manajemen
Fakultas : Ekonomi dan Bisnis

Dr. Anisah Firli, M.M.

FIRLI, is a nick name of Dr. Anisah Firli, S.MB. MM., who working as lecturer and researcher at Telkom University and she was born in Cirebon on July 29, 1988.

Firli graduated from Telkom Institute of Management for her undergraduate and masterstudies. Then, she continued doctoral degree in Padjadjaran University. In each degree she earned the best honors.

Firli also actively writes in several international journals. For further information about her, please contact to email: or


  • Best Graduated of Doctoral degree of Management- Padjajaran University (2017)
  • Excellent Lecturer – Telkom University (2015)
  • 2nd Best Graduated of Master degree – Telkom Management Institute (2013)
  • Master degree Scholarship achiever – Telkom Foundation (2011)
  • 1st Best Graduated of Bachelor degree – Telkom Management Institute (2010)

Expertise Experience

  • Transformation Strategy, 2.0 – PT Telkomsel (2017)
  • Digital Enterprise – Telkom Corporate University (2017)
  • Business Process – Assessment Center Indonesia (2016)
  • Leadership – Telkom Corporate University (2016)

Intellectual Property

  • Eksis Registration – copy right (EC00201802237) (2018)

Research Activity

  • Analisis Struktur Modal Pada Perusahaan Telekomunikasi yang Menggunakan Big Data di Indonesia (Analysis of Capital Structure in Telecommunication Companies Using Big Data in Indonesia) (2016)
  • Pemetaan Struktur, Perilaku dan Kinerja Pada Industri Semen di Indonesia (Mapping Structure, Behavior and Performance in Cement Industry in Indonesia) (2016)
  • Perencanaan Kapasitas dan Pemilihan Lokasi Menara BTS dalam Efisiensi CAPEX dengan Menggunakan Metode Optimasi (Studi Pada Operator Telekomunikasi Indonesia Wilayah Jawa Barat) (Capacity Planning and Location Selection of BTS Tower in CAPEX Efficiency by Using Optimization Method (Study on Indonesian Telecommunication Operator West Java Region)) (2016)
  • Studi Kesiapan dan Kesadaran Perusahaan untuk Menghadapi Keunggulan Sesaat (Transient Competitive Advantage) dalam Persaingan Bisnis pada PT Telkomsel (Corporate Readiness and Awareness Study to Facing Transient Competitive Advantage in Business Competition at PT Telkomsel) (2016)


  • CAPEX Efficiency and Service Quality Improvement through Tower Sharing in Indonesia Telecommunication Industry; Optimization Model Using Comparison of Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing Method – International Journal of Services, Economics and Management, Inderscience Publishers (2017)
  • Ratio for Measuring Basic Industry and Chemicals Firms Performance- International Journal of Economics, Commerce, and Management (2017)
  • Factors that Influence Financial Literacy: A Conceptual Framework – IOP Publishing Ltd. (2017)


  • Terrorism Event Study: The Analysis of Abnormal Return and Trading Volume Activity Before, During and After Terrorism Act (A Case Study on Indonesia Terrorism Acts in 2005 – 2015) International Journal of Economics, Commerce, and Management (2017)
  • Does Corporate Social Responsibility Solve ROA Problem in Indonesia Telecommunication Industry?-American Journal of Economics (2016)
  • Volatility Spillover Analysis in Stock Market in China, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia- International Conference on Sustainable Collaboration in Business, Technology, Information and Innovation (2017)


  • Comparative Analysis of Return on Option Contract Simulation with Covered Call Writing Strategy and Protective Put Buying Strategy (Study on JCI Years 2012-2014 in Indonesia Stock Exchange)-Majalah Ilmiah UNIKOM (2016)
  • The Impact of Increasing CAPEX on Customer Number, Profit and ROA in Indonesia Telecommunication Industry-American Journal of Economics (2015)