NIDN : 408036701
Nama : Dodie Tricahyono
Pend. Terakhir : S3 Manajemen Strategi dan Inovasi
JFA : Lektor
Kode Dosen : DDE
Title : Ir., MM., Ph.D
Prodi : S2 Manajemen
Fakultas : Ekonomi dan Bisnis

Ir. Dodie Tricahyono, M.M., Ph.D.

Ir. DODIE Tricahyono, MM., Ph. D is a lecturer and researcher of Telkom University since 1995 (STMB/IM Telkom). Born in March 8, 1967, he has the competence in the field of Strategic management, Innovative Corporate Culture, Platform Strategy & Business Model, and Operation & Service Management.

After completing his undergraduate program of Planology Engineering, Bandung Institute of Technology (1992), he had worked as a Junior Consultant at Telkom Project 4 – PT Konetel Sarana Guna, Bandung (1993-1994). And being a lecturer, Dodie took the Master of Management (MM), FEB of Telkom University, Indonesia (1995).

Fluent in English, Malay and Sundanese, Dodie had held several structural position in Tel-U including the head of undergraduate program of Business Management of Telecommunications and Information Technology (MBTI), Director Secretary of PPM and Manager of Student Affairs.

The dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), Telkom University, since 2014, Dodie completed his doctoral studies from School of Management, University of Science, Malaysia (2014) and acted as an active reviewer in a number of international journals as well as the active speaker in many conferences.


  • The 1st Best Paper in International Seminar & Conference on Learning Organization (ISCLO) 2013

Intellectual Property

  • Paper of “Konsep Platform Rental Motor Online Bike to Rent”- 084893 – Copy Right (2017)
  • Paper of “Konsep Platform E-Library” – 084894 – Copy Right (2017) Intellectual Property
  • Paper of “Konsep Platform Sampah Pintar” – 084895 – Copy Right (2017)
  • Paper of “Konsep Platform Creativity Order !” – 084896 – Copy Right (2017)


  • Paper of “Konsep Platform Future Laundry” – 084896 – Copy Right (2017)
  • Paper of “Konsep Platform Smart Parking” – 085494 – Copy Right (2017)
  • Paper of “Konsep Platform TravelQ sebagai Media Promosi Pariwisata Indonesia – 085495 – Copy Right (2017)

Expertise Experience

  • Measurement Public Satisfaction Index for Revenue License Bureau of West Java province, Bandung (2016)
  • Writing cases Telkom USA: International Expansion PT. Telkom Indonesia, Tbk. Telkom Corporate University, Bandung (2016)


  • Expertise Experience Preparation of Long-Term Plan 2015-2020 Health Foundation Telkom, Bandung (2015)
  • Tracer Study graduated of Telkom Institute of Management, Bandung (2013)
  • Filling materials for Telkom Knowledge Management (Champion), Bandung (2006 – 2007)


  • Towards a Framework for ICT-Based Entrepreneurship Development through Business Incubation Processes: Case Study of a Techno Park – International Seminar and Conference on Learning Organization (ISCLO) (2016)
  • Measuring Organizational Performance of Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Printing Industry (Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Bali) using SCOR level 1 Opportunity Gap – seminar ISCLO (2015)
  • Mapping Supply Chain Management Business Process Model at Small Medium Enterprises Printing Industry in Indonesia Using Supply Chain Operation References Variable (Bandung, Yogyakarta, and Bali) – The 6th SCBTII International Seminar and Conference (2015)


  • The Influence of Brand Awareness and Perceived Quality To The Purchase Decision (Case Study in Cipaganti Travel – Bandung) – ETAR (2015)
  • Individual Learning and Creative Performance in Indonesian Radio Broadcasting Industry: the Role of Knowledge Collaboration and Team Member Exchange – Journal ISCLO (2013)
  • Learning at Work (LaW) as Tool for Implementing Business Strategy (Case study at OS Telkomsel Unit West Java Area PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk.) – The 1st ISCLO International Conference (2013)


  • The Impact of Action-Cantered Team Leadership on Project Performance (An Empirical Study in Software Development Teams) – The 1st ISCLO International Conference (2013)
  • Teknik Penaksiran Proyek untuk Peremajaan Kota: Kasus Kawasan Selatan Stasiun KA Bandung (Assessment Techniques for Urban Revitalization Project: The Case of South Region Bandung railway station). Perencanaan Wilayah dan Kota Journal (2011)
  • The new economy, manajemen, organisasi dan kepemimpinan (The New Economy, Management, Organization and Leadership)- Jurnal Manajemen Indonesia (2001)


  • Mobile Content Industry Development in Indonesia – Jurnal Manajemen Indonesia (2009)
  • The Effect of Total Quality Management Factors on Employee Satisfaction in Telkom University – ISCLO
  • Determining The Characteristics of E-SCM For Small and Medium Enterprise In Screen Printing In Indonesia Using Supply Chain Operation Reference and Quality Function Deployment – International Journal of Economics, Commerce and Management