Inspiring Story of Agate Studio

Games. What firstly appears on your mind when you hear the word games? Something challenging? Something addictive? Entertainer when alone? Something to be avoided? Or even business opportunities? Indeed, the interpretation of games is very diverse. Games can not be concluded as something good or bad. Many advantages and also […]

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Learning Innovation in the Digital Age

The presence of information and communication technologies have made the birth of many innovations, including in education. The use of technology in education allow it to learning to occur without direct face to face between students and lecturers. Even that is now occurring sites that offer online learning. Not only […]

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Workshop APMMI 2015

“Online and Blended Learning Model for MBA / MM” Indonesian business associations Master of Management (APMMI) is a container for the program manager Master of Management (MM) in Indonesia. This container is formed in order to develop and maintain cooperation among various programs MM in Indonesia. One annual event APMMI […]

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